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I have been teaching for Tutors Singapore since 2011. Their staff turnover is low, so it is usually the same experienced coordinators who contact me about new tuition assignments. They are very professional, helpful and friendly.
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Lim BC (PhD)
Central Singapore
After teaching at a tuition centre for 5 years, I decided to be a home tutor. I was Head of Maths, and I had also developed the curriculum for the tuition centre. Tutors Singapore has reasonable parents who pay good rates, so I prefer to keep my available slots for them.
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North Singapore
I was surprised to know that the tuition coordinators at Tutors Singapore are former MOE teachers. They understand the challenges that tuition teachers face. The tuition assignments that I received from Tutors Singapore so far are good. I am able to help my students' grades and attitudes toward studying improve, and I get along well with the parents and students from these tuition assignments.
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West Singapore
My friends and I are former MOE teachers, and we are very careful about registering with tuition agencies because some of them have students who are not serious about studying. Almost all of the tuition assignments that we accept are from Tutors Singapore, because they have students who want to study, and parents who are prompt with payment of fees.
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Chia Ying
West Singapore
Tutors Singapore has many parent enquiries every day, so I apply for the ones that are nearest to my home. Timings are flexible, tuition coordinators are helpful and work fast.
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East Singapore
Within the first 2 to 3 months of every year that I have been tutoring for Tutors Singapore, my schedule is filled up by their tuition assignments. They have many new tutor jobs every day, and I am able to arrange my schedule so that I do not have to travel a lot between each of my tuition assignments. Saves me a lot of time, and transport costs.
tutors singapore
Central Singapore

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